Early morning at Mt Annan Botanic Gardens

Monday August 4, 2014

It’s 5am and we’ve just bought the biggest bacon and egg rolls we have ever seen from a drive through cake shop in Narellan.

It’s a cool few degrees above zero, and as we walk through a small stretch of Cumberland woodland at Mt Annan Botanic Gardens the kangaroos are grazing in front of Plantbank.

Last day of filming for Port State Control

Friday May 23, 2014

The final day of filming for AMSA’s Port State Control video – wrapping up in Melbourne.

Our thanks to AMSA surveyor Kate, and the Master and crew.

On board the Maersk Gironde

Thursday May 22, 2014

There’s something awe inspiring about the sight of a fully laden container ship when you’re standing on the deck.

The straddles are in full swing at Swanston Dock as the Danish master of the Maersk Gironde welcomes us aboard, expresses some surprise at our love of Scandinavian crime / drama TV and says Australian TV is pretty big back home.

We spend the next six hours with Malcolm, the AMSA surveyor, the First Officer and the Chief Engineer filming a Port State Control Inspection – a comprehensive check of the vessel, its systems and personnel to make sure it’s meeting safety and environmental standards.

Our thanks again to the master and crew for welcoming us on board.

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre

Monday May 19, 2014

We’re working with the ACT Government’s Office for Children, Youth and Family Support to produce a video that’ll explain young people’s rights, responsibilities and the rules of Bimberi Youth Justice Centre when they enter the facility.

For the children and young people who are either remanded in custody or sentenced to a period of detention here, it’ll help to ensure that they have a clear, detailed overview: from accommodation and visits, to programs that support their health and wellbeing, education and training.

We just finished filming at Bimberi with our two actors, who delivered short, scripted pieces to camera in settings throughout the facility, and our great thanks go to Bimberi’s management team and the youth workers who escorted us over the last few days.

From oil tankers to cruise liners

Thursday April 10, 2014

We’ve spent the last two days on two vastly different ships – The Brightoil Lion yesterday in Brisbane, and today the Radiance of the Seas in Sydney Harbour.

We’re producing a half hour long video intended to help international ship owners and seafarers prepare for an AMSA Port State Control inspection. AMSA conducts around 7,000 of these inspections each year, and has the power to detail vessels that don’t comply with safety and environmental standards.

To help illustrate specific details, we’re filming each step of the surveyors’ inspections, from the meeting with the ship’s master to checks of the galley, and from the monkey island to the engine room. These vessels are fully compliant, and we’ll contrast the footage with stills of serious defects from AMSA’s archive.

It’s highly unusual to be granted such access, so our great thanks to the AMSA surveyors Melwyn, Hongjie and Giuseppe for their patience as we filmed them going about their work, and to the masters and crews for allowing us to film on board their vessels.