Landscape Architecture Series
for AILA

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) commissioned us to produce a set of six short videos for a new website that explains the breadth and scope of Landscape Architecture.

Drawing on our interviews with a range of Landscape Architects we created around 30 minutes of tailored content about the profession, covering themes ranging from creating healthy cities, influencing government policy, building resilient communities, and improving the environment.

We interviewed:

  • Ken Maher (HASSELL)
  • Sacha Coles (ASPECT Studios)
  • Perry Lethlean (Taylor Cullity Lethlean)
  • Emma Appleton (Office of the Victorian Government Architect)
  • Inez Williams (Vee Design)
  • Sara Padgett Kjaersgaard (University of Western Australia)
  • Josh French (Western Sydney Parklands Trust)
  • Adam Nitschke (Parks Victoria)
  • David Martin (Sydney Olympic Park)
  • Kirsten Bauer (ASPECT Studios)
  • Shaun Brick (Tract)