AMSA Corporate Video
for Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Filmed at 23 locations at sea, on vessels, at ports and from helicopters, we travelled from the Torres Strait to Tasmania to tell the story of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

Working to AMSA’s script, our brief was to convey the breadth of the agency’s areas of responsibility – from the safety of commercial fishing vessels to tracking cargo ships along the Great Barrier Reef, and from the Australian Rescue Coordination Centre to improving boat safety in remote communities.

Over the course of two months, we filmed all footage for the corporate video – in many cases working under tight time, space and logistical constraints to get ‘one-chance-only’ shots.

We engaged RotorWorks, using their remote control octocopter, to capture aerial shots that would otherwise have been nearly impossible to film – including a vessel underway in the Torres Strait and the awesome scale of a bulk carrier at Port Kembla’s coal terminal.