2015 National Architecture Awards
for The Australian Institute of Architects

Client interviews returned as part of the content we produced for the 2015 National Architecture Awards, held on 5 November.

We’d like to thank all the clients who shared their projects and their stories with us:

  • Macquarie CEO Nicholas Moore, and Will Walker Executive Director Corporate Operations Group – 50 Martin Place
  • Jesse Bennett and Anne-Marie Campagnolo – Planchonella House
  • Jonathan Efkarpidis – NewActon Precinct
  • Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg and Dr David Harris – the University of Queensland’s Global Change Institute
  • James Carey, Shaun Naidoo and Sandra Hemming – Bankstown Library and Knowledge Centre
  • Air Vice Marshall Chris Spence AO (Ret’d) – Shrine of Remembrance

A quick note on the unusual format – these were shown in the UQ School of Advanced Engineering lecture theatre, which has a 13 metre wide screen, hence the width.