Bendigo Library

Thursday November 20, 2014

Our interview with MGS’ Eli Giannini and Joshua Wheeler coming out from AWS and on Architecture AU at the end of this month.

Eternity Playhouse

Tuesday October 21, 2014

Thankyou to Glenn Terry, Company Director of the Darlinghurst Theatre Co for speaking to us about the beautifully restored Eternity Playhouse by Tonkin Zulaikha Greer and the City of Sydney.

UPDATE: you can view the final video here

Bicheno Surf Life Saving Club and Boathouse

Tuesday October 14, 2014

Bit of a dicey start to the day, climbing out of the motel room window at 7am, thanks to a broken screen door and no way of contacting reception.

It dramatically improves when we arrive at the Bicheno Surf Life Saving Club and meet Mayor Bertrand Cadart and SLSC President Michael Symons.

Bertrand sums up the village’s utter surprise that their “little shed” has been shortlisted for a National Architecture Award with a gallic charm that I know is going to make this two minute edit tough. Every word of his and Michael’s stories about this Jack Birrell project are pure gold, and it’s clear that this community loves its boathouse, and has in some ways been changed by it.

The waves lap on the beach outside as we chat, and we feel almost physical pain that we can’t spend longer here to film the building itself.

But the schedule calls – Launceston by nightfall.

UPDATE: you can see the final video here


Saturday August 16, 2014

Saturday morning squalls meant no aerials at ASB this morning, so we went to Rangitoto instead.

Here, the sun was shining.

Auckland Services Bank

Thursday August 14, 2014

Auckland’s weather in August is perfect for filming interiors, and we have a lot of cover. ASB’s new building by BVN at North Wharf is five storeys high, has a footprint roughly equivalent to a football field, and there’s a lot going on here.

James has asked us to film the project, which has been shortlisted for several World Architecture Festival awards. In particular we want to capture how the spaces work. How do people function, inter-relate, communicate and concentrate in this workplace, which is underpinned by the idea of activity based working? What does it mean for culture and productivity?

Our great thanks to ASB for their generosity in providing us with such open access including our interviews with CEO Barbara Chapman and the staff who were integral to the project.

We’re here for the week, and hoping the clouds and showers clear long enough to get the aerial shots we need of the facade and helioflek.